💇Before we get into the dits, why did you do it?:
1. Lol to be totally honest, change. I heard somewhere that a woman that cuts off all her hair is about to change her life and that’s exactly why I did it. I kept telling my girls Mufwaya and Chimwemwe that I’d do it (after I properly got out of a relationship I was in and got over it all) and I did:mrgreen:
How does it feel to cut off your hair?:
2. There isn’t one feeling. I felt relieved when I did it, freed. Then sad, frustrated, empowered and bold. There are some days now when I regret it and wish I’d transitioned, but other days I miss my twa so much and just want to shave it all off.
🌱Were you afraid of the common notion that ‘black hair doesn’t grow’?:
3. Not at all, I’m blessed to come from a family line of people with amazing hair (both sides) so I know with proper care my hair can grow as long as it likes. That and if you ask God he can make anything happen.
🕐How long have you been natural?:
4. Two years and two months😆
💆Your fav hair products?:
5. Coconut oil is bae! If you know how to use it that is. Used correctly it returns protein back into your hair, stimulates growth and even helps your nails grow! It stays winning. I also love castor oil (I’m doing a challenge right now) it’s amazing for helping recover hair lines as well as increasing thickness. Dr. Miracles products, Tresemmé naturals rinse out conditioner, edge control, and bicarbonate of soda (I had my best wash day cleansing with this and and acv)
💸Is it more expensive to have natural hair in your opinion?:
6. Mhh, honestly? I think it depends on whether you’re a product junkie like me or not. I’m very loyal to Dr. Miracles products, I started using them when I first went natural and absolutely love the smell. They’re on the medium to high side of the price scale though so it can get quite pricey. Otherwise if you use a lot of home remedies and all natural products it’s fine.
👱Team Shrinkage vs Team Stretched?:
7. It depends on what I’m feeling like hey. Some days I’ll embrace the shrinkage and let my curls pop. Sometimes I’ll get my African threading on and stretch it out to enjoy my length. I’m actually off heat at the moment and doing the no heat challenge after a minor setback with heat damage and a mini BC.
👒Bad hair day solution?:
8. Wigs. I actually used to hate them till quite recently but if they’re done and worn correctly they can be such a life saver😄🙆
🎶Lazy-day hairstyle?:
9. An afropuff or a bun are easily my go to styles and they’re low manipulation too 🙂
💄Dressy-day hairstyle?:
10. An updo with some type of curl at the top be it a braidout, twistout, a flexi rod set, a roller set or some good old fashioned pin curls with a curling wand.
🚷What’s the meanest thing someone has said to you concerning your hair?:
11. One of my guy friends said I looked like a boy once😐. I was not amused.
💌And the nicest thing?:
12. “You have such thick hair!” they may not have meant it as a compliment and it may sound like a normal thing to say but it got me walking on cloud nine😄. You see back when I was on the creamy crack my hair was so thin and limp. I was so excited to find out that my natural hair is thick and lush and to have someone else notice that was everything!
📷Fav hair bloggers/vloggers?:
13. That’s my favourite topic! Don’t even get me started. I’ve been following Aisha of My Fro and I since I first went natural (she’s on YouTube now). I actually modelled my blog after hers and I would absolutely love to meet her in real life. Ijeouma of Klassy Kinks, Jessica of Mahoganny Curls,  My Hair Request, The girls of The Kink and I and many more.
💯Weaves get a lot of criticism from black men. Do you think they really prefer Team natural vs Team wigs/extensions?:
14. Men will always have an opinion:? they don’t want you in weaves but want your natural hair flowing down your back. 😯😂 As if they weren’t unhappy when you got your BC done. Smh. I think that they’re actually split down to those who care vs those who don’t care vs those who don’t even know what they’re women are. I think braids are neutral territory for them. As long as your hair is healthy and happy, do you boo.
👙Team Swimming vs Team Watching-Others-Swim?:
15. Swimming all the time! I’m such a water baby so that’s my go to answer. The trick is to saturate your hair in oils and deep condition after. Works like a charm.
Your response to, “can I touch your hair?”:
16. “We’re cool and all but don’t touch my fro” people sometimes do it anyway 😐 sometimes without asking!
🛅If you were stuck on an island, which 5 hair products/items would you have in your survival kit?:
17.Tjo! That’s a hard one. Am I allowed to take very large bottles?😂 I’d definitely take my spray bottle with me because I’d be surrounded by water😅. Some oil, honey, my Tresemmé naturals rinse out conditioner and my tub of Dr. Miracles deep conditioning masque.

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