There are two types of freedom. The one where the handcuffs are broken but you still move around with the pieces on your wrists. The other where you break those cuffs and completely free yourself from the metal objects as a whole.
For the first, you go about your life using the remaining pieces to define your limitations and boundaries. You have the ability to live outside the box but you’re still choosing to be safe. Keeping those broken cuffs on your wrists is a way to comfort yourself if you ever need an excuse as to why your not aimining higher. If you fail, at least you have an excuse.
For the latter, those cuffs are no longer an excuse to hold back. You know where you want to be in life so you dismantle them and leave them behind. You don’t allow your past to determine your future.
I know I’m still living within the first ideology of freedom. I think a lot of people are. We walk around physically free but mentally there are so many obstacles holding us back.
Are you where you want to be or you’re still trying to figure the ‘life-thing’ out?  Are you holding back because youre afraid of what they’ll say; what they’ll think; because you’re afraid they’ll laugh if it doesn’t work out; because it’s not a wise decision in this economy?
We all have to start somewhere.
If you’re privileged enough to be alive right now then don’t hold back. Live! Share the opportunity you have to be free on the outside with your mind and your heart…



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