Boy meets girl: The up side

“For every low there is a high, every up has its down.”

My friend asked me to write about the good side of dating because apparently, there is a good side (Boy Meets Girl: The Down Side). So I agreed. I’m really fighting the urge to write a title and leave the content blank! 

Okay okay, I’ll be nice. There is definitely a good side. That’s the side that’s present but barely visible in this 21st Century world. But still, it is present and does exist…

Where do we start (leans back with a cup of vanilla tea in hand)…Let’s start with the fact that us girls/ladies/women seem to have an allergy to the atypical good guy: 

The man who has direction in life but no flashy car (not that all good guys are car-less), the humble guy who listens more than he speaks consequently making him  come across as boring, then there’s the churchgoers (the men who actually enjoy being spiritual) who are just too ‘good’. Oh, let’s not forget the dumb guy that’s always dating girls who take advantage of him because he genuinely loves ‘who they can be’ and not ‘who they really are.’

  I admit, sometimes it’s us (women) who don’t appreciate the man who should be appreciated because we want him to be more interesting, dress better, speak better or facially acceptable.
It’s hard to categorize good guys because they’re usually a package and not that ‘one thing.’ The bad guy usually does that one nice thing and messes but seems to mess up everything else. The good guy messes up in one area (nobody’s pefect) but holds it down everywhere else.

The Soap Opera Guy: 
This is the guy who lives up to the unrealistic expectation that every girl has from the time she watches her first episode of “Days of Our Lives.” If he messes up, he’s been set up because it’s highly unlikely that he intentionally did something wrong.

Heaven’s Delivery: 
So he is usually facially gifted, star athlete, great with children, goes to Bible study, old money etc. This is the one who unfortunately comes with annoying habits that can be accepted over time. This type also has a tendency of marying their high school sweetheart or the woman everyone least expects. So if you meet him later on in life, you need to pray she doesn’t emerge from the past.

Mr Spirit Driven: This man had a rocky past but found his way and developed a strong unforced relationship with God that makes him a principled and humble man. This type unfortunately gets walked over a lot because of the absence of their “Street Cred.” This is the type of person who will brag about you to the other church folk.

Sherlock Holmes: 
This man is a good guy in the sense that he is well mannered, carries himself very well, has little or no records of substance abuse and is generally a very serious and formal person in nature. The only issue here is sometimes they are socially awkward which makes being around your family and friends awkward too. This guy usually makes people feel that ‘he thinks he is better than them,’ because he comes across as snobbish. “Look at him, being so serious, eating nshima with a fork and knife. Mxm.” This type usually loosens up when their emotional barrier falls apart.
That’s all I can manage right now because I missed Bootcamp yesterday and Fatigue is not playing games. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………



  1. Mazuba Chrizhe Christine Haansende


    really… you had to put in bootcamp Lol Nice piece by the way

    • estherkatonga


      I’ve been missing lots of sessions and I’m feeling the impact! Being student was nice ka!

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