'Ultimately success is a choice...'

‘Ultimately success is a choice…’

Has anyone ever really sat down or took time to think how it would feel working so hard for something, eventually achieving it but never getting the chance to enjoy the fruits that it bears. Knowing that what you worked for will be enjoyed by others whether they appreciate all the effort it took to build it or not. To most of us that is not even something we wish to think about and if we knew the chances of such a situation coming to life we would make sure we do not even break a sweat for it at all. We are a free generation in so many ways than we are slaves, we might not be chained to each other or even work at fields while being whipped but what we have done so successfully is build our own prisons within and locked ourselves inside and threw away the keys. “I stay in my lane and you stay in yours and life will be ok”. However by doing so we are committing one of the biggest sins that one can commit and that is not utilising what has been given to us to its full potential. Note that I said given not sold, not borrowed, not loaned, but given, free of charge, not holding for some time, but owning.

We have to understand that as African children it is in your DNA to be successful in whatever we do and that our fore fathers showed us that whatever goal or dream we want to achieve can only be fulfilled when we all realise as individuals, then as a collective that they are bigger than us. Whatever your goals or dreams, they are bigger than you. Many of us spend our days roaming the streets and enjoying a lot of benefits such as education which those that fought for us to enjoy those did not. It is true that some of our great grandfathers and mothers, grandfather and mothers and even parents who fought for our freedom did not get the chance to enjoy the fruits of this freedom. And if we were honest with each other we would also realise that they knew that any day they could be killed. I mean what else would one expect where guns are involved, but did they stop fighting or decide not to? No they did not! To them the price they had to pay, which in this case was their lives was way less as compared to the freedom that all other generations would enjoy once it is fulfilled. They had a vision for the future, with no guarantee that was ever going to happen, and what do we have? We get to live in their vision. The vision was always bigger than them hence it did not matter to them who would enjoy the fruits that they got by sacrificing their lives, all they wanted was freedom for not just them but for everyone else.

So how do we then apply this lesson in our everyday lives? Well it is quite simple really! In theory!!! But much complicated in reality because society has taught us to be more of selfish than anything else. However if one can learn to be selfless and realise that there is a world of endless possibilities out there then you start to see the environment in a different way, from black and white to colour, from half empty to half full. Acquiring more knowledge through educational systems, through observing your environment, through reading and also listening that equips you with the necessary tools for you to start to see opportunities that someone who has been denied of this can see.

So to cut a long story short, most of the things we may want to achieve may outlive us, someone might take over from where you left off and finish what you started and even be given credit for it, but that should not be what holds you back, you might start a company that will gross 500 000 in your lifetime and be a billion dollar company when you have died but that is ok because it is more than just about the money the company make but rather about how many lives it improves while still being able to function and make sustainable profits to take care of its employees and the stakeholders. Ultimately success is a choice that has to be followed by consistence action for everything else to fall into place.

Hope this piece was insightful and gave you something to think about.

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