I visited my grandparents a few weeks ago in a picturesque little village in Eastern Province. Big balancing boulders formed the canvas for my grandparents idyllic home. I joked with my cousin that they live ‘kumayard’ (suburbian-living) because the modern style of the building stands out from the rest.
I have a high regard for a fast mobile network but this time I needed my fone to be off for a couple of days to recuperate. Best decision ever! I needed to reconnect with life and time. Technology takes away from my days and time flies by, leaving me wondering what, how and when. It was therapeutic to be in an atmosphere where I didn’t have to think too much about, you know, stuff.
So my granpies (combined because they’re always together) would call us to their room and have chats with us. My grandad is the coolest. Eloquent, well spoken and always has his verbal-gun loaded ready to throw some shade. He throws the best shade😁. My grandma is a very gentle soul. The type of people who make you think, ‘how is she so graceful?’ I would love to be like her. Her soft nature would defrost the hardest heart.
Obviously I am at that age where they asked me about love, marriage, the horse and carriage…This discussion led to my grandad telling us about his 55-year romance with my granny. It was a long-short story but one thing stuck out – DETAIL! The man remembered everything. Colours, dates, the weather, names, clothing etc. It was amazing how he remembered things that frankly a lot of guys don’t remember in this day and age. No love is perfect but I saw how valuable my granny is to my grandad when he told the story. There is so much value in every individual and we all deserve that one person who respects that value.
A person cannot value you in their thoughts and then devalue you in their behaviour. We treat the things we value with more decorum. There are no excuses. Really there aren’t. In our friendships, careers and family we pay attention to the details because details matter. Listening, knowing, learning and striving to understand the next person because you attach a high value to their presence in your life.
You can’t be passe’ about human beings. It’s the small things that count…