Hie! The title makes it sound like I’m about to have a super-mega radical weekend but no people, ‘she’ wont. It’s been quite the week for me! No details on that now but all I can say is I’m hoping to have a smooth sailing weekend so I can start the next week in peace! Whew!
My guest blogger for this month was DimpledFlawless and her piece dissected my heart while editing. So authentic and so real and relatable. Here’s the link: Would It Have Killed You To Just Let Me Be? by DimpledFlawless
I also did a feature on Pink Yellow and All Things Mellow called Meet The Bloggers ft Esther Katonga and I’m honoured that she even took the time to get in touch with me for something like this.
It was a week of good and bad I guess but I have learnt a lot even from the bad.
Take your time with whatever you are doing. Don’t do it for the recognition, that will come on it’s own. Do it because you love it…..
                                  🌹Happy Weekend🌹