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The first time I typed out this heading I was a bit skeptical about actually going ahead with the content. A part of me was still being stubborn and refusing to accept the facts of life. But as the days went by, I came to the conclusion that the refusal to accept and move on will only hold you back or keep you were you are for a very long time.  In an ever evolving world you cannot afford to be stuck in the past. So here goes:

Lesson 1: My parents were right, about everything.

Someone asked me if my parents disciplined me growing up and I said yes. She asked if I felt it was abusive I said no. She asked why,  I answered knowing that if I’d been asked that question 10 years earlier I would have thrown my parents under the bus and applied for adoption because I hated correction. But now, I am grateful for it.
When you reach an age where you start to understand how the world works,  how society really feels and how people’s emotions are fleeting you understand the fear that comes with parenting. That fear sometimes drive parents to be somewhat dramatic, possessive and downright Debbie-Downers. Too much of anything is bad, but finding the balance between letting-go and fearing for your child’s life is hard.  So sometimes it’s the child’s job to understand that their parents need a little more attention than they do.
Of course, abuse is still abuse and one should never take on the guilt that comes with being abused in anyway. If you were in anyway mistreated it’s always best to seek help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s a lesson to you to do better when it’s your turn.
When I left my last job because I was ‘in my feelings,’ my dad got so upset and reiterated that in the real world there is no time for feelings. You go to work even if you spent the previous night balling your eyes out. So even now when I have a ROUGH day I have to remember that my reaction and how long I hold onto my irritation is the difference between where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow. Same goes for friendships,  relationships etc you can’t just run when it gets tough. If you’re still in ‘running-mode’ that’s a sign that you’re not yet ready to commit to something.

So yes, mom and dad. You won the battles and you won the war🏆


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