Happy May everyone. She’s been hiding, I know! 🙈….

I will be the first to admit that April wasn’t a good blogging month for me [insert:shameful look]. So basically the weather here is too much for me. I am not ashamed to admit I am a slave to the cold; I’m a summer baby so don’t judge me. Since it’s only getting colder I’ve had to figure out a way to still be consistent in this weather. So I had to decide between stopping and blogging again in summer (that was an actual option) and ‘Just Doing It.’
A lot of people have brought up my blogs in conversations which always makes me feel really shy. You want your blog’s to get recognition but at the same time you want to blog without feeling like the world knows because that’s where the pressure to be perfect stems from. I have a friend who’s an anonymous blogger: clever! But this month, in the name of consistency, I have to detach myself n from trying too hard to sensor !y blogs in the name of being shy.

In other news, WordPress has this ‘milestone’ thing they do where they celebrate all your achievements n including the small ones. We all have to start somewhere right? So I celebrated, and I say this with zero shyness, more than 7 followers, 500 views and 20+ blogs!!! I don’t do it for the numbers because if I did I probably would’ve stopped a long time ago, but it does feel good to know that there are people who are actually invested in what I’m doing. Thanks you for all the support…..
With that said, I’m going to look for a nice little spot in the sun where I can sunbathe because the cold is trying me again.



  1. Mwapsy Kapepula


    How do i follow you though? Do I have to be a wordpress user?
    Glad you did this Esther!! It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the views, it’s about the writer and the content of the posts.

    • estherkatonga


      Hey live. If you’re not in WordPress you can sign up via email📨. And thank you!!!

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