Sunset view Siavonga

Sunset view Siavonga

I know I’ve been quiet! So sorry. A lot has been going on at the same time and as much as I prioritise my blog, sometimes life comes first.

We moved house and I must say, culture shock, culture shock, culture shock. Let’s begin with the fact that people here don’t walk in the middle of the road. Cars are actually respected! Where I came from a car had to give way to the person! Weeeird.

People here, for now, seem to mind their own business. Everyone is so genuinely engrossed in their lives that they don’t really have a chunk of yours to live. The horror! Where I was, your business was everyone’s business. How will I survive being given my space if I am so used to fighting for it?😮

People here have things to do! I don’t mean work and daily living regimes. I mean when they aren’t doing what needs to be done they still find an activity to fit into their schedule. Not that city people don’t gossip, but let’s be honest, small town people are big on ‘who, what where and when’. Especially if you live in a town as small as Siavonga.

I’m still trying to understand this life. It’s different. I don’t wake up to a view of the lake and mountains anymore, now I wake up to the neighbors wall and the distant sound of bussling traffic…almost got hit by 3 cars today which is good compared to my 5 car average. Crossing the road is horrific but I will get used to it. The load shedding is sad, sad and sad! I won’t get used to that.

My Guest blog will be on soon; again I’m sorry for the delay.

Happy Friday*