I saw a man on the streets struggling to carry some six packs of soda that he was obviously retailling during the day. Paying attention to his clothes I could tell his shirt that was two sizes bigger could fit at some point in his life but hardship was at play. See material things they stay the same. Cars will be cars, houses will be houses and money will be money but human beings we shrink away. Whether it’s a visible change on the outside or its a dreadful change of our inner person, life shrinks us away. 

I have told myself not to pity anymore, it takes away from the beauty of someone’s hard-work and makes it seem useless. Hard work and that strength that makes us resilient is a beautiful thing. Women who spent the night crying waking up the next day to go to work and ‘smile’ or remain at home and be wifey. Men who carry loads 10 times their body weight just to make a little pocket change to feed their family! That resilience is what makes us all heroes.

I used to have heartfelt discussions with my Barbies (yes) about how hard life was for me. “If I was Jane my life would be amazing.” Now I know that every human has a battle of their own. If I were Jane I would have Jane’s battle. No one is immune, no matter how good it looks on the outside, we have all cried, we have known pain and we have all tasted fear.

I applaud you for being human. I applaud you for keeping on KEEPING ON! It comes with lots of baggage but if you learn to cast those burdens down then you will realise the beauty of your hustle.

The greatest gift a Christian has is knowing that their life is not a struggle they have to hustle alone! It’s not your job to do God’s job. Leave it alone…The hustle is not yours alone. It was meant to keep you intertwined with Him.

You will never hustle alone💜.



  1. Things Tinashe Says


    I love what ypu said about pity and how it takes away the beauty and the power of thr strength.

    • Esther Kat


      Oh thank you!

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