Hie everyone. Hopefully most of us get to rest this weekend seeing that it’s a holiday! Shake off all the busyness and take some time to enjoy the peace.
March has been a hectic month and I’m glad Easter came in March this year. I believe April is the month of restoration. All that was lost will be recovered and all the dead things will be brought back to life. I woke up this morning knowing I can rest because Jesus has already won the war. I’m not trying to go into a sermon just here but I think as people we don’t understand how powerful that is. We go about living like slaves to our sin, imperfections, problems etc when in actual fact we have authority over those things.
I constantly cowered in the face of trials. Whether it be trials in relationships, school, family and life in general. It most likely stems from forgetting who I am and my identity. Happiness is a choice that you make, yes,  it that choice can’t be made if you do not know who you are in the first place.
And this isn’t the type of identity that you hear about once and know forever. No, it’s the kind you have to remind yourself of constantly because life’s problems are an everyday thing.
In my blog post Visions aren’t natural, they’re not supposed to be I discussed natural barriers to achieving ones goals in life. No matter how big or small those things are the little power they had over you has already been broken. But if we fail to see and believe that then ant-size problems will be weighing our whole bodies down.
I’m asking is to remember this weekend and every other day that we are bigger than what the world throws at us.

Happy weekend and be safe💜