Thank you so much to Esther Katonga for making me your guest blogger. Awesome work you are doing. (You’re welcome😁)…..

Guest blogger: Jerina Sibanda…isn’t she just gorgeous!?!

Ain’t it funny how life works, you only understand why certain things good or bad happen after the fact? You look back and wish you had reacted differently or had been a different version of you. But that’s actually what makes life interesting and pushes you to fight every day, be more present and enjoy life. It’s all a beautiful mess. I would like to share with you some of the things I have gone through.

Failure and Rejection
There was a time when it seemed as if all doors would just shut in front of me even when I worked so hard. With every door that shut felt like I lost part of myself. The worst thing is when people who saw you work so hard see you lose. Looking back I am happy those doors closed. Failure is part of success. If you feel like your life is on standstill the temptation is to be down and compare yourself to everyone else who seems to have it together. It’s your journey you only know a snippet of everyone else’s success. You have no idea what it took for them to get there or what goes on behind closed doors. I have meet people who seemed to have it all together but were completely broken. Embrace failure and all the humiliation that comes with it. All the greats were publicly humiliated and failed terribly.

Loneliness and comparison
We all feel lonely at times given the social media age we leave in. It is easy to feel like something is missing in your life and that you are not doing enough, don’t have enough friends and are not doing enough of a certain “in” thing. Let me remind you that nothing is missing and that you are indeed enough. To be great you have to spend time alone. It’s time to stop comparing yourself and focus on you. Everyone has their own journey yours is custom made for you. Maybe this season is here to give you time to invest in your dreams and start something.

Feeling like you do not have what it takes
Whenever I spoke of my dreams I would always get a reaction along the lines of “no not with your personality” or “maybe if you change this you can achieve that”. It’s not for people like you. I allowed people to define me and I only realised I was holding myself back for so many years because of words that had been spoken against me. People will always make you feel like you lack something and you have to fix something. When actually you should recognise that you are enough. Its time to stop trying to fix yourself and time to embrace who you are. So many forces are against you in this world why should you be against you when you are all you have.

Finally just go for your dreams don’t wait for everything to be right just start where you are, you will fail but what matters most is enjoying the journey and picking yourself up. YOU ARE ENOUGH YOU HAVE ALL IT TAKES. My decision to write this blog post will all make sense pretty soon.