Photographer: E. Katonga. Yep, she takes pictures too!

I read something today on my Facebook timeline that I’d like to share with you guys. This is an excerpt from Joel Osteen’s page:

It’s easy to get all stirred up because of what someone said, or frustrated over of how someone treated you. Instead of worrying and living stressed, sit back and let your defender go to work.

– Joel Osteen Ministries

I saw this and immediately knew that I was being disciplined because I struggle to let God take full control. In the process I retaliate! Its a situation where I’ll take it to Him and then handle my business in the back ground ‘because the Almighty might not manage to fix this. He might need some help!’ Ha!!! The audacity!

Practical lesson learned: clapping back on Twitter, putting up statuses with underlying insults, WhatsApp Avis meant to throw shade etc all with the intent of bullying the other person into knowing they mean nothing to prove you are everything is just plain mean.

We’ve all done it. But at some point you’ll need to connect with your spirit and disallow the negativity to control your typing-thumbs. Why would you allow a QWERTY keyboard to have more control of your relationships than you!? Is it really worth snipping and cutting out a valuable relationship just for that overnight gratification! 

If you feel you have been victimised then take it to God’s Throne not Twitter because the former brings Blessings while the latter brings Backlash!