Got back home last night after a party (I’m not wild like that, we went as a family) and we were welcomed by an aggressive front door. So the lock got stuck and would not budge no matter what we tried. A few weeks ago we were opening the door with a pliers because my brother, ‘Thor,’ broke the key on his first time unlocking the door! And now this!
Luckily dad travels with a tool box, as all Engineers do because that’s normal, for an engineer😑. We will be in the most random location and dad will rock up with a tool box, its actually quite funny😁. Anywho, I will not judge other people’s careers Lol. So after introducing spanners, levers and a 40 pound hammer (no jokes) the door still wouldn’t open.
I finally put my two-cents in it and told him we should use force. I even tried forcing that spanner to get the job done, but noooooo, “You’ll make it worse,” he said,” “you’re not supposed to force,” he said………………..
Well guess what? An hour after standing in the light rain and having night-bugs inhabit my afro, we were forcing! Hips were now invloved in pushing the door open! And after two pushes and damaging the lock, ‘said’ door opened. Taraaaaaa.

The whole situation was hilarious but I got two lessons out of it:
1. Our doors are not easy to break into.
2. My attitude really has changed. I’m all about forcing my way through nowadays. You cannot wait for life to happen to you because life is waiting for you to dictate your journey. I completely believe in giving God complete control of my life, but I know now He has told me to ‘go’ so I have to move. Last year God told me to wait. Be still. But now, He wants me to make things happen and a lot of the times that will require pushing and ‘hipping’ through some stubborn doors!

*Understand your position in life. Does God want you to move or wait? Knowing the answer to that question might bring about your emotional breakthrough. I hope it does.
Happy February…..




  1. marvellous mudzingwa


    powerful ../sooo true hey

    • estherkatonga


      At times we think things aren’t happening our way when its just God preparing the way.😃

  2. Faith


    This is inspiring.. Knowing when to wait or act.

    • estherkatonga


      Yes! Everything in God’s time….

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