I’ve learnt that with some people simply ‘being’ is a problem.
So you woke up, entered the room and simply became the problem. Sometimes your presence is annoying. You’re killing yourself trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong when you ‘being’ is whats wrong to them.
See being is hard. Because when you ‘are’ you have to bear the burden of being and having others be too. So how to balance between your own happiness and respecting other people is a struggle.
My revelation this week is that the Enemy doesn’t take breaks. He isn’t gonna go on a week-long vacation because you’ve had a bad month. Na-ah! Giving you a hard time is his forte. If your weakness is how other people react to your ‘being’ then you’ve cut out his work for him.
The easy thing is to give in to the pressure and show off how ‘bad’ you can also be to those coming at you. But you’re fighting the wrong enemy. Fight the right enemy by surprising him! There is power in the element of surprise! Age has taught me that a smile can do more justice for you than talking back.
Peace isn’t something that’s easy to come by these days. You have to know and believe that you deserve it enough not to let someone else take it from you.
Look at how Jesus calmed the waters: “Peace, be still!” And the man was done! 3 words. He didn’t go back and forth with it and do what the enemy expected/was hoping for.
Be a person of few words sometimes, let God do the rest of the talking. No one said it was your job to fight for yourself…