Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining on unemployment is that it makes you creative. That part of your brain that was relying on the world working in your favour starts to unpack the bags because the vacation is over. No more sun bathing on the shores of dependence. 
Most graduates, if not all, rarely have a negative outlook on their future after school. You picture yourself applying for those white collar jobs (depending on your industry) and within a decent 3-6 months you get the call that all graduates live for. You’re so good you don’t even go through assessments and interviews. You have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes these head hunters fall at your feet. Fast forward to a year later you’re still unemployed, don’t even know were you packed your certificate because you’ve since made a 100 copies for applications. You get frustrated, upset, more religious then less religious, hopeful then hopeless. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. You start to scroll down your social media and hate it more and more because everyone seems to be living that picturesque life you were day dreaming of.
So what’s wrong with you, you may ask?
Purpose comes in many forms. You may be unemployed so that you exercise your patience and gratitude muscles. Sometimes when good things happen too fast we fail to be patient and then grateful. We expect an easier life so we expect purpose to come on a sliver platter with some grapes on the side. Some of the strongest most confident people I know today are those who were tried and tested by time. Even when things are bad, they have an air of confidence that time will figure it out while others (like me) panic at the thought of being helpless for eternity. I’m learning to have a special relationship with time. To accept that she might overstay her welcome but it’s okay because eventually my patience will pay off.
Not everyone was born to be an employee. Simple as that. You’re fighting for something that isn’t yours but you still expect to receive it. You can never be satisfied with it. Zambians needs to embrace the idea that we are all the government. So expecting politicians to answer all our plights is not realistic even in the best economic and market systems. Young people especially aren’t just here to earn money every month and live a perfect Instagram life but you’re here to add value to your country. We need to stop being so us-oriented and maybe think, “what am I good at that I can use to contribute to the growth of my economy?” I believe the answer to that question will not only benefit others but you as well. The best Entrepreneurs are those who know what the struggle is.

•Care about Zambia a little bit more. Stop throwing Shoprite plastics everywhere please I beg. Lol. Super Shake bottles as well. Nothing to do with unemployment but I just had to throw that in. Caring about our country means taking care of it as a product on the global market so that investors are willing to buy into what they see. Image is everything. If half of the working population really did their jobs as efficiently as possible I don’t think we would have the poor service delivery issues we have. So when you do get that job, slay! Do it so well that the next person has to do theirs well and the next etc until the guy at the bottom catches the drift.