My muse: Lake Kariba.

My muse: Lake Kariba.

I visited my cousin a few months ago in Lusaka. As we exchanged stories about our lack-lustre academic after-life and how life isn’t as rosy on the outside as it seems, one part of our conversation stuck out for me. She had this brilliant business idea that would help her have a career she was passionate about while putting food on the table. But alas, ten minutes into the conversation my dear, sweet cousin had completely unsold herself on the idea and had roped me in as well. She gave me one reason why it would work and so many why it wouldn’t.  I called her out on it but it got me thinking, “You do the exact same thing!” But why?

Visions aren’t natural

Sounds controversial but I don’t think visions are natural in the earthly, worldly sense. There is something spiritual about a vision. Your purpose is in your vision because that vision connects you to your Creator on a higher level. This is why you have the ability (if you allow) to see yourself where you want to be in ten years. You are able to dream and create that life in a different time and space before it actually exists. A lot of us are just too afraid to believe that something we can’t see is so real that we start to build physical barriers to our spiritual vision. The minute you make your vision natural you bring something so powerful down to an earthly level and that vision becomes a blurred future.

Natural barriers to your unnatural vision:

a. Money is the biggest obstacle. Look unless you just won the lottery a lot of us aren’t endowed with the finances that can make that vision easily come true. And for most that are privileged to grow up in money, most aren’t willing to see that vision through with help. A lot of us want to have some independence in seeing the vision come to life because independence doesn’t come with the old, “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be where you are today (a post for another day).”

Money shouldn’t be a barrier. Most of the biggest names today in business, entertainment and sport started without a penny to their name. Today their vision is a reality because they did not allow a physical barrier to bring down a spiritual goal.

b. Human-beings can be the worst. I think I should’ve have put them before money actually! The amount of negativity that they can inject into your whole being is so unreal sometimes! Now I’m not saying there is no hope in humanity but we really have to be careful about how much control we give people over our lives. I realised I give other people so much control without even realising it. The snide remarks, the criticism, the ‘advice’, the looks, the gossip etc. Humans have the ability to damage you without touching you. One word and your vision is dead!

Like money, people shouldn’t be a barrier. And like money, a lot of people who have seen their vision through were once told they weren’t good enough. What would they be today if they had believed that? Do yourself a favour, stay in your own lane and see your vision your way instead of ‘their’ way.

c. You. Yeah, you! I’ve learned to be my biggest cheerleader. Sometimes it’s borderline insanity but you have to learn the art of convincing yourself that you can do it. No one sees your vision the way you do because they’re not you. So you don’t always have to expect support and validation from people. I am not encouraging you to be a loner or anything but there will be times when the enemy isn’t other people but your own fears. Do it afraid. If it doesn’t work out, do it again or do something else until it works out. Eventually it has to because we all have a purpose. So don’t give up or sell yourself too short. And like my dear, sweet cousin lol don’t be your own barrier and make excuses as to why it won’t work.

Remove the distractions and prepare yourself for your vision.



  1. Nicola


    Oh my gosh I never knew you could write this well Esther!! I love this post..awesome stuff.

    • estherkatonga


      THANKS!!!!!!😊……I’m blushing so hard its not even cute…

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