Hello April!

I was getting discouraged then I remembered: You can no longer afford to have an earthly view of things. As the world becomes a tougher place to live in, an earthly mindset will not take you to the next level. You can’t expect to climb this mountain while focusing your eye on the valley. Look up. Reach for the stars. Want more and Need more from Him and He will open doors for you.
We all want success and growth but we are not willing to pass through the challenges that take us there. The preparation method is more important than the final result, why? because that is what depends the quality of the end product. Are you going to be a one-hit wonder or are is your success going to be stationed on a solid rock, a strong foundation that cannot be shaken.
Passing through the furnace sucks! Big time. There is nothing easy about it even for the seasoned Christian. But the end result, if you soldier on is always beauty and purification.
Sometimes I look back and think, “well if I want big things then this is the process I have to go through I guess. Of this is what it takes to make me a better product then let’s do this!”
Are you imagining a life of ease? Trips, vacations, wealth, success? Ok, now are you also imagining the other side of that life. The immense hours that go into attaining that wealth. The type of criticism that comes with being in power. The sacrifices one has to make to have time to gather that wealth (spending time with family). Are you really prepared, where you are now, to have the good the bad and the ugly?
If the answer is yes then good for you #clap_clap_clap.
If it’s no, then let’s just enjoy this period of waiting where God is equipping you with the necessary mindset equivalent with the size of your dreams.