Today I struggled with getting some ‘blogspiration’. Like, really struggled. I had so many drafts written out but somehow my heart just wasn’t drawn to them. In moments like this, my body was so used to coping by awakening feelings of frustration then venturing into a plethora of negative emotions until I reached the final destination – failure.

But you know, 2016 has brought with it a new vibe. My tangible life may not have changed but my mind and my spirit are in a completely new environment. I made the decision to be happy no matter what my circumstances were. And I know that decision comes with a lot of emotional responsibility but nothing is as scary as being hopeless.

Our bodies are accustomed to a way of life. Blink, breathe, hunger and feel. No one taught us those things. We just knew how to go about them. But our inner-being is a part of ourselves we cannot take lightly. You can’t leave that up to nature. Everything your ‘inside’ is, is a result of what you learn as you journey through life.  Some traits are natural but, most of who you are, is a decision you made to accept a certain way of life over another. A decision to embrace or ignore. Your views on race for example may have resulted from your community but the choice to be racist, that’s on you. We may not have control over our physical being but we can definitely train our hearts and minds to see things a different way.

Let’s make that decision today to train our spirit to need greatness. It’s a ‘need’ not a ‘want’. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for wanting more out of life because they don’t. And by greatness I don’t mean fancy material things (those things accompany greatness and they stay if they are acquired in an honest manner) by greatness I mean:

*Wake up feeling fulfilled.

*Walk with your head up high because you know you are living your dream. That’s the kind of greatness people write books about.

I do not want to be a 50year-old wondering why I was too afraid to chase after my dream. When they read about me they will know that I made the decision to LIVE!